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Glacier Engineering Services Ltd was set up in 1985 and are now specialists in ferrous & non-ferrous welding, sheet metal fabrication & machining.

Over the years Glacier have worked on a variety of projects.

They were involved in the construction of aluminium trussing for stadium lighting rigs for the entertainment industry which went on to be used at major music events worldwide and also major sporting events at an international level.

Glacier Engineering Services also manufactured depth charges dropped from helicopters, parts for the motor sport industry at all levels and underwater sonar systems.

The company began an association working with British Rail in 1990 and this work grew to significant levels over a number of years and continues to this day with private rail companies.

Glacier manufactures everything from new train litter bins and interior panels to overhauling train rolling stock components, making battery boxes for the underside of trains, modifying train parts and improving their lifespan and overhauling safety critical parts such as braking systems.

Other manufacturing work includes power station components, aluminium components for windows and once made a guitar for a rock musician!

Glacier Engineering holds the ISO 9001 approved quality management and control certificate and operates to stringent customer company audit and traceability systems.

Glacier works closely with local businesses and strongly believes that keeping a good relationship with local companies helps the working community.

Glacier offers skilled, competitive and value for money solutions.



Specialists in ferrous & non-ferrous welding, sheet metal fabrication & machining

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